#FastSong 126: Huffer by The Breeders

I dare you not to love Kim Deal. This song and video are a testament to her awesomeness and legacy as one of modern music’s greatest and most lovable fuckups. Truly amazing without even trying. Probably best when she’s not trying. And her voice just keeps getting better. God I love her.

Happy Tuesday kids !

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3 Responses to #FastSong 126: Huffer by The Breeders

  1. Christine says:

    The Breeders are CLASSIC. Love the shots of everyone wailing on their guitars in exact sync.

  2. JulieZ says:

    Saw the Breeders once and Kim Deal rocked it. (Well, they all rocked, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.)

  3. Steve Diguer says:

    There’s a doc on the Pixies where the producer of their first recordings said she had as good a voice as anyone he ever worked with. And it’s true, it’s so warm and uncomplicated. Like her bass playing lol

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