#FastSong 129: Son of an American by The So So Glos

Listening to the album and in all modesty I did a bang up job picking a soundtrack for your Friday.  This is the first song on 2013’s Blowout but don’t get too comfortable with it because I’m noticing a brand new 2014 release which I will run to right after this. 

But yeah.  Invite your friends over, drink, laugh, and listen to Blowout.  You’ll love it, you’ll go out, you’ll make memories.  Then you’ll send me the photos right ?

Get it on iTunes, Amazon.


One Response to #FastSong 129: Son of an American by The So So Glos

  1. Christine says:

    Great song-reminds me of the real deal from my youth (ie the 70’s and early 80’s). Great video too.

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