#FastSong 131: Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Retro Tuesday! So many wonderful bands out there today making awesome sounds but baby… admit they just do not make s*** like this anymore. Glam, violent, angry, decadent, indulgent, excessive and so, so, so arrogant. I loved this song when it was released, kind of like a rockabilly Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I do remember that it kind of failed to ignite on this side of the pond, probably because of its excessive minimalism and over reliance on studio tricks which believe you me, were impressive at the time. The sampler had just been invented FYI.

Boy this video has aged well! And if that groove doesn’t get you fired up on a freezing morning then I can’t do nothin’ for ya. Oh, and seriously, this has to be in the top five, best band names ever. Suggest others in the comments box…

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4 Responses to #FastSong 131: Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

  1. SigueSigueArmy says:

    Sigue Sigue Sputnik rock harder than Saxon AND Bon Jovi!!

  2. Steve Diguer says:

    They love teen ultraviolence. Unlike Bon Jovi.

  3. JulieZ says:

    I saw them live back in the day, in Mtl at Foufounes. It was crazy. I always sort of liked them but I really have no idea why. It’s not really my genre.

  4. Steve Diguer says:

    You saw them??? Wow.

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