#FastSong 132: Violent Games by Poliça.

Found this cool, compelling track from Poliça’s 2012 record Give You the Ghost, and though it’s the only song that meets our specific criteria, the record has a cool, fun yet controlled electronic vibe.  Their 2013 release Shulamith is full on 80s electronic and definitely put a smile on my face; not that the songs are funny, just that in terms of capturing the sound and feeling of a specific part of my college years – dancing to Propaganda, Ann Clark, Kraftwerk in dark, dark club – they definitely did their homework.

Have a great Wednesday.  Please don’t freeze.

Get it on iTunes, Amazon.


2 Responses to #FastSong 132: Violent Games by Poliça.

  1. Sir Funkytown says:

    Bitchin’ !

  2. SJB says:


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