This is a feel good music blog for boys and girls who love fun, fast rock and roll.  Check in for a new song every weekday morning, and face the day with fearlessness and rage!  The songs are not genre or decade specific, though my tastes skew towards punk, new wave, glam, rock and roll, and indie rock.  I definitely try to blend old and new.I love discovering new bands and artists.

Whether you’re in a band, rep a band, or just love a song and want to share it, please send it on!  165 bpm is the cut off… if it’s below that don’t bother.


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I’m a music and TV professional. On the music side, I write and record songs for TV and commercials. I do a little management and promotion. I’m currently developing a very original and very naughty cartoon about a Punk Rock band. I also write and produce Top 40 style songs for kids TV shows. I won’t pretend that I just do that for the paycheck because I thoroughly love that too. Anybody willing to drop a dime in my cup and has a fun spirit and likes to entertain gets my full respect and attention.

I also write and direct for TV, again, mostly music driven projects. I am slowly branching into theatre and live performance. With all the nonsense about downloads, file sharing, social media, second screens and the death of Television, there is nothing more satisfying than putting on a performance that people are willing to pay money for.

So why this blog? I just love this kind of music and I don’t hear enough of it. I want to share songs and experiences with cool, fun, crazy f***ers like you, who hear something hot and fast and feel nothing but excitement… you’re in the moment and nothing else matters.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey Steve it’s Mike. Back at where we met at the Henhouse. Give me a shout would be great to touch base.

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